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I. Procedures for inked fingerprint card submission

A. Fingerprint Documents

B. Fingerprint Tools

C. Fingerprint Data

  • Each fingerprint card must contain the following information. If any of these items is not included on a card, it will be returned.

    1. SON/UID: Each regulated party must enter its SON (submitting office number) or UID (unique identification). If a regulated party does not have a SON or UID, contact NATA Compliance Services at +1.703.842.5317 or email
    2. SOI/PID: TD26 or as appropriate.
    4. NAM: Full name of applicant being fingerprinted
    5. AKA: Aliases of applicant
    6. DOB: Date of birth of applicant
    7. CTZ: Citizenship (country, not state) from NCIC codes
    8. Sex: Sex of applicant
    9. Race: Race of applicant
    10. HGT: Height of applicant
    11. WGT: Weight of applicant
    12. Eyes: Eye color of applicant
    13. Hair: Hair color of applicant
    14. POB: Place of birth (state if US or Mexico, country otherwise) from NCIC codes
    15. SOC: Social security number of applicant. If none, contact the TSC for instructions
    16. Residence: Address (full) of applicant
    17. Employer: Employer name and address of applicant
    18. Signature of applicant (missing will result in rejection)
    19. Signature and date of official taking fingerprints (missing will result in rejection)
    20. If reprint, write the case number in the OCA block

D. 2 Card Submission REQUIRED

  • Each flight training candidate MUST have two sets of fingerprint cards collected and submitted. One card submissions will be rejected by the Fingerprint Processing Center.

NOTE: Practice quality control before sending fingerprint cards. Data must be legible and complete (type or print, using blue or black ink).

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