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When did the airport implement is online airport ID Badge Program.

The airport implemented the Airport ID Badge program in the fall of 2007.

Who can get a badge?

Any person who needs airside access and has an aviation purpose or need. Anyone requesting a badge must be affiliated with a Landlord, Subtenant or Aircraft and pass all of the TSA requirements and background checks to receive a badge.

Do I need a badge?

Only those individuals who have a purpose or need for airfield access should obtain a badge.

If you are a one-time or infrequent visitor to the airport and need airside access, you can be escorted by someone with a badge. You must remain in their control at all times. These types of escorts are provided at the option of the Landlord or Subtenant.

What information is required to get and Airport ID Badge?

Personal data including name, address, phone number, email, etc. is required. Also applicants must have a US Social Security Number and a valid driver’s license and insurance for Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) or Airport Registered Vehicle (ARV) access privileges.

The airport ID Badge consultant will conduct a Criminal History Check and Identity Check for compliance with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Disqualifying Offenses.

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What are the criteria for denying unescorted airside access?

Republic Airport will not deny anyone access to the airport. However, all persons airside must display an airport ID badge or be escorted by a badgeholder. Republic Airport will deny badge applications for any individual who has a Transportation Security Administration disqualifying offense.

Can Flight Training Security Program (FTSP) Students and Non U.S. Residence apply for an Airport ID Badge?

Applicants can apply as long as they have a US Social Security Number. Otherwise, they must be escorted by an Airport ID Badge holder.

What type of access will my badge provide?

Badges will provide access through any pedestrian walkthrough gate. Private vehicle access allows an individual to drive any of their personnel vehicles onto the airfield and park in designated locations, when parking is available. This access will be made available online for a fee.

Who can provide escorts?

All badge holders may escort guests who are within their control at all times. Vehicle escorts are prohibited, except those authorized by airport management in a registered airport vehicle (ARV).

I am starting a new business at Republic, how do I initiate the Airport ID Badge Process?

To begin the airport ID Badge process business owners must contact the Airport Administration Office at 631.386.6109 and apply for a Commercial Operating Permit which requires annual renewal. When the permitting process is complete, the business name will be added to the Airport ID Badge website as a Landlord or a Subtenant of a Landlord.

The business owner must identify one or more Designated Employee Representatives (DER). The DER representative will obtain DER Training from NATACS. For information regarding training please contact 1.888.440.6661.

How do I apply for a Corporate Logo on the Airport ID Badge?

Each corporation has the option of adding their corporate logo to the Republic Airport ID Badge. The badge will also contain the Republic Airport logo. For this service, contact NATACS directly and submit the corporate logo to be added to the badge. NATACS will invoice each corporation for this service. Logo costs are $250.00 which is a non refundable, one-time fee, prices are subject to change.

How do I get my badge?

Enrollment can be completed online at, Airport ID Badge which is a secured website.

What is the badge enrollment process?

The individual can submit all pertinent information via the Republic Airport website at, on the home page click the SECURITY ID BADGE icon. Tenants can upload their own photo ID and pay for vehicle access and training online.

I am renewing my Airport ID Badge, how does this occur?

Every two years each Airport ID Badgeholder will be required to renew their Airport ID Badge. Email notification will be sent to each badgeholder making identifying the expiration date.

Each badgeholder will need to login to their account and update their personal information, pay for their new Airport ID Badge, upload a new photo and retest. An Identity and Criminal History check will be performed. To pick up the new ID badge, badgeholder’s must present their old Airport ID badge and one form of photo id to the DER.

Submitting a Photo for the ID Badge?

Badgeholder’s are responsible and should submit for upload a photograph that is clear and easily depicts the badgeholder. Photographs with sunglasses, hats, etc. are prohibited.

What is a Designated Employee Representative (DER)?

Each company has identified a Designated Employee Representative(s) to assist employees and customers with the airport ID Badge enrollment process. The DER’s responsibility is to access employee records, access personal information of any person enrolling for a badge, input enrollment information when necessary, track the applicant progress, photograph and upload the digital photo of the applicant, approve airport id badges in accordance to TSA disqualifiers and authorize access to the facility, verify and authorize airside access, request suspension or revocation of an airport ID badge, deactivate badges, activate and disseminate badges. (See DER Letter 09.12.07)

Is there a Training Program to become a Designated Employee Representative (DER)?

NATACS will offer a free training program for DER’s. Please contact NATACS directly for more information.

What is an Aircraft Sponsor?

Aircraft Sponsor is an aircraft owner or a principal in a corporation that owns an aircraft. Any person(s) who is affiliated with the aircraft and enrolls first, will be designated as the “Aircraft Sponsor”. Aircraft Sponsors are responsible to help anyone who has a need for airside access and is affiliated with the Sponsor’s aircraft. This may be a flight student, family member, mechanic or another partner in the aircraft etc. Their responsibilities also include but are limited to enrollment assistance in the Airport’s ID Badge Program, uploading digital photographs and verifying the individual who is affiliated with the aircraft and has access.

How much will my badge cost?

Badges are valid for two years and will cost $75.00 each. Lost, Stolen or Broken badges can be replaced for a fee of $25.00. Prices are subject to change.

Are Badges Transferrable?

Airport ID badges are non-transferrable except in the instance of aircraft owner/operators relocating their aircraft to another location on Republic Airport and/or current flight students enrolled in a flight training program at Republic. The fee for this transfer is $25.00.

Employees, customers, vendors, contractors applying for an airport ID badge must be affiliated with a company at Republic Airport and have an “employment or business relationship” with that company. When applying for the airport ID badge, the applicant grants the company and DER access to personal information. As part of the airport’s ID Badge program the company’s DER makes a determination to grant unescorted airside access based on the TSA disqualifiers and approves each badgeholder.

Are vehicle privileges transferrable?

Because this is a privilege and does not require a new badge the privilege is transferrable for Privately Owned Vehicle Access only.

Airport Registered Vehicle access privileges are not transferrable and must be approved by the new employer.

Can I get a Refund on my Airport ID Badge or Vehicle Access Privileges?

Immediately upon application, a criminal history check, identity check and if applicable a drivers motor vehicle record is requested. For these reasons no refunds are offered once payment is submitted.

What if I want to bring my privately owned vehicle (POV) on the airport?

Privately owned vehicles (POV) are allowed with Landlord approval. Tenants may obtain access for their vehicle by enrolling at Access for POV’s will cost $100.00 and are valid for one (1) year. Fees are subject to change.

How long does it take for POV access privileges to be activated?

POV privileges will be activated when the badgeholder completes the POV test, the DER reviews the badgholders DMV record and processes the record, and the computer system records the new information. Once the DER approves the record, POV privileges will be activated within 2 business days.

What is ARV?

All business vehicles that operate on a non movement area inside the airport’s perimeter fence are required to be registered with the Airport Administration Office. Airport Registered Vehicle(s) (ARV) are used by Commercial Operating Permit Holder’s (COP) and/or a lease holder for business purposes. For more information regarding applications and fees please contact Airport’s Administrative Assistant/Security Access Coordinator 631.386.6109.

Will I be notified when my Airport ID Badge or Vehicle Privileges are about to expire?

Yes. Email notifications will begin at 60 days prior to expiration of the Airport ID Badge or privilege.

Are their Penalties?

Airport Management reserves the right to suspend or revoke any badge or access which will be defined as part of the badge enrollment and training. A DER can also request that Airport Management suspend or revoke a badge for cause.

Can anyone help me Enroll for my Badge?

NATACS Customer Service Representatives are available by calling 1.888.440.6661 Monday – Friday from 7am - 10PM (Eastern).

Some organization or businesses may have at least one Designated Employee Representative (DER) on staff to assist in badge enrollment, provide digital photos for the badge and disseminate your finished badge. DER’s may provide these services by appointment at published times.

Where do I pick up my finished Badge?

Go to your DER’s office when contacted by email that the badge is complete and available for pick up.

How many days does it take to get a Badge?

When enrollment and training is complete badges may take 5-7 business days.

NATACS Accounts for Corporate Customers.

NATACS will offer corporations the ability to be invoiced on a monthly basis for Airport ID Badges and vehicle privilege charges. Please contact NATACS directly to obtain more information.

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