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Alien Flight Student Program

On September 20, 2004, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) published an Interim Final Rule (IFR) that prohibits a flight school from providing flight training to a non United States citizen (alien) unless the student is first cleared by the Secretary of Homeland Security. To obtain clearance, the Alien Flight Student must provide two sets of fingerprints along with certain personal information to the TSA. This rule is mandated by the Century of Aviation Reauthorization Act of December 12, 2003.

The IFR is effective on October 5, 2004 and can be found at TSA-2004-19147.pdf.

The National Fingerprint Collection Clearinghouse (as part of the National Air Transportation Association Compliance Services) maintains an international network of certified fingerprint technicians (collectors) who have been collecting fingerprints and submitting them to the TSA in accordance with the AFSP requirements since 2004.


If an Alien Flight Student applicant submits fingerprints prior to paying for his/her training request with TSA and receiving the official Alien Flight Student Program (AFSP) fingerprinting instructions directly from TSA, the fingerprints are NOT valid and the associated training request(s) will be cancelled by TSA. The fingerprints will NOT be applied to any current or future training request. Both the applicant and the provider will receive an email notifying them that the fingerprints are NOT valid, the training request(s) is/are cancelled and the steps need to be taken to resolve the problem to complete processing through the AFSP.

Applicants have two collector options to submit fingerprints (if available based on geographical capabilities):

  1. Enroll to use an NFCC-Certified Fingerprint Technician located domestically or internationally:
    Find a Fingerprint Collection Agency
  2. Locate and contact a Law Enforcement Office for an appointment.

NOTE: If the Alien Flight Student applicant chooses collector option one (1), the applicant must enroll for fingerprint collection with the NFCC in order to obtain a Fingerprint Control Form. To enroll, the applicant must first locate a Fingerprint Collector using the "Find a Fingerprint Collection Agency" form. At the bottom of the Fingerprint Collection Agency page, the applicant must click the "AFSP Enrollment" icon. After enrolling, the applicant will be able to download a Fingerprint Control Form. If the applicant is unable to download the Fingerprint Control Form or needs further asistance, they can call the Customer Service Helpdesk at 1 (800) 788-3210 or (international callers) 1 (703) 842-5317. If an applicant does not obtain a Fingerprint Control Form, fingerprints cannot be collected.

NOTE: Every Alien Flight Student will need to have TWO (2) separate fingerprint cards/submissions processed by the collection agency. (See fingerprint instructions email: Instructions To Fingerprint Collector / Step 3). If two separate sets are not sent, delays in processing will occur until the Fingerprint Processing Center receives a second fingerprint submission. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that a minimum of two (2) fingerprints is submitted by the collection agency.

NOTE: Applicants who do not enroll for fingerprint collection with the NFCC and whose prints are collected by a Law Enforcement Office (LEO) must ensure that the fingerprints are sent to:

6840 Carothers Parkway, SUITE 650
Franklin, TN 37067-9929

Flight Training Providers can order Fingerprint Cards to give to their Alien Flight Students.

The Alien Flight Student Program has an ongoing need for additional fingerprint locations, domestically and internationally. If you are interested in becoming a certified fingerprint technician, please visit our Fingerprint Technician Training page for more information.


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